Dressing to Impress (an Interviewer)

Kelley is heading out to two job interviews this week. She’s spent a lot of time preparing for both of them, and she’s feeling pretty confident. She has just one last step: deciding what to wear. Her first  interview is for a cashier job at a clothing store. She wants to wear clothing from the […]

Preparing for an Interview

Going to a job interview can be nerve-wracking for a couple reasons. Interviews don’t come around very often, so most of us don’t have much practice with them. Also, interviews are full of unknowns. We can’t know exactly what they’re going to be like until we’re in them. Fortunately, […]

Of Course I'm Fine! The Truth about Mental Health

“We need to take care of our mental well-being just like we take care of our physical health,” said Dr.Glynnis Lieb, who visited DECSA this week to speak about mental health. Lieb is the executive director of the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle for Mental Health and Addiction, and an enthusiastic […]