Women in Motion

Women in Motion: Promoting Well-being through Physical Activity

DECSA partners with the In Motion Network to present the Women in Motion program! The program encourages DECSA staff and clients to pursue holistic health through physical activity and healthier habits. The trans-inclusive program teaches participants how to live a healthy lifestyle, even while on a budget.

Activities and Classes

Women in Motion offers outdoor activities combined with specialized training to ensure participants develop a wide range of skills and gain exposure to a variety of ways to stay fit and healthy. Women in Motion includes:

  • Swimming
  • Mind and body training sessions
  • Fitness boot camp
  • Running/walking
  • Yoga
  • Zumba dance
  • Outdoor games

Who can Participate

If you’re a client or staff member at DECSA, you are free to join any of the activities and classes whenever you’re on-site. The program is as inclusive as possible, and will accommodate all abilities and skill levels.
DECSA promotes a healthy workplace and community, so join us as we inspire Edmontonians to get moving!

For more information about Women in Motion, contact us.