Down 2 Earth


Transitions instructor, Linda, working in the garden with a participantDown 2 Earth: Returning Spring 2019

Down 2 Earth (est. 2016) is a program designed to help at-risk youth make friends, learn valuable skills, and receive mentorship. It all starts with a garden…

How it Works

Down 2 Earth participants are given the opportunity to create a vegetable garden using plots on DECSA’s grounds. They plant the seeds, nurture the plants as they grow, and harvest the garden, all while forming friendships and getting a healthy dose of the great outdoors. Watching a garden grow is highly rewarding: it allows the participants to reap the benefits of all their hard work, and reinforces the value of dedication and patience. The program also encourages a hands-on approach, giving these youth the opportunity to reconnect with nature, their peers, and themselves.



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Home Depot 's Canada Foundation

This program is funded by The Home Depot Canada Foundation.