Are you hiring?

Are you looking for skilled candidates to fill your recruitment needs?

Do you need to hire a large number of staff in a short time frame?

Do you want to find your next long-term employee?

We have skilled candidates for you! We have a high success rate of matching applicants with employers, resulting in long-term partnerships. At DECSA, we pre-screen and train our clients so that they are ready, willing, and able to work. Let us serve your recruitment needs.

Professional ServicesOur Star Employers: A collage of companies that have hired DECSA candidates.

  • Post your job opportunities on our site and social media platforms
  • Thorough analysis of employers’ needs
  • Pre-screening of candidates to ensure an optimal match
  • Follow-up to increase employee retention
  • Cost effective and time saving service
  • Employer focused approach

Benefits of Working with DECSA

  • Well established in the community with over 38 years’ experience
  • Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Leaders in our industry
  • Collaboration and partnerships with top employers
  • Candidates who are ready, willing, and able
  • Promotion and recognition through social media and events

We invite businesses, employers and educators to host information sessions for our staff and clients.
Visit our Employer Connections page for details.