The Team

Deborah – Chief Executive Officer

Deborah oversees the agency and believes in a high standard of ethics in the work environment, challenging employees and clients to reach their full potential. Deborah is an advocate for individuals with barriers, disabilities and those who have lost their voice. Deborah is experienced in developing community connections and partnerships with governments, stakeholders, service providers, educational institutions and Indigenous communities.
Joe – Department Manager Quality Control

Joe celebrated his 25th year with DECSA in July of 2014. As a longstanding employee, Joe demonstrates hard work, commitment and dedication to our clients and programs. Joe ensures all programs are accountable and his responsibilities include monthly stats and invoicing for programming, as well as accounts payable and payroll.
Jessie plays many different roles at DECSA. Working in our Transitions program as the Intake Specialist, File Manager and Case Manager, Jessie ensures that all of our clients feel supported and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Jessie also plays another important role at DECSA as the Project Assistant for the Indigenous Release Program (IRP), in this program she makes sure that resources are available to those who are currently incarcerated so upon release the clients have all the opportunities available to them to succeed during their re-integration period.

Jessie is a valuable asset to our organization with her passion to help people reach their full potential regardless of where they are in their life long journey.
Welcome to DECSA. I am Naweeta Singh, the receptionist. I enjoy helping people and spreading positivity. I make it my priority to see people smile and build confidence. I am, always happy to answer your questions and do my best for you. The experience at DECSA is important to me and I am always open to help and support.
evaEva – In-house Psychologist

Eva has come on board to provide an in-house counselling service for Transitions participants. Eva assists program staff on a deeper level by being available for participants when in need. Programming can get heavy at times and have an affect on the mental health and stability of our clientele and Eva is on board to minimize this impact.
BobBob – Worksop Facilitator / Job Developer

Bob brings with him a background in social work and various technical skills to help support clients and make a difference in the community. He supports clients with disabilities as they overcome barriers to employment. Bob provides individual counselling and leads workshops on topics such as interview skills, problem-solving, career planning, and communication skills. When not in the classroom teaching, Bob can be found in the community connecting his clients to potential employers. Bob feels successful when his clients reach their milestones.
Funmilola Funmilola - Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant to our CEO, Deborah, Lola stays on top of what’s going on at DECSA. She helps our leadership team plan ahead by researching grants and drafting proposals. Her friendly persona and outstanding organizational skills make her a valued member of the DECSA team.
MaryMary – Program Manager

Mary was drawn to DECSA because of our programs and their benefit to the community at large. Mary works as the Employment Coordinator for the Time for Change program, and her main role involves coordinating and establishing employer relations and creating WIN-WIN opportunities for both clients and employers. Her favourite part of the job is talking about inclusive hiring practices with employers.
Teresa – Transitions Case Manager

When Teresa found the Transitions Program, it helped her find a new direction. When a position opened up at DECSA, she came full circle and joined us once again, this time as a staff member. Teresa specializes in preparing clients for the core program. This means assisting clients with the basics: housing, detox, funding, and treatment. Her favourite parts of the job include watching clients succeed, and soaking up DECSA’s productive, healthy environment.
JasonJason – Facilitator

Jason is a compassionate member of the Transitions staff, sharing his Aboriginal culture and teachings with our participants. As a lead facilitator, he is experienced at guiding clients through the healing process by offering support and workshops. He has seen dozens of individuals complete the Transitions program and strives to see that number increase.
LindaLinda - Facilitator

Linda's roles and responsibilities include (but are not limited to): connecting program participants to potential employers, facilitating life skills and career building tools to program participants, and providing additional one to one support when needed. DECSA suits her honesty-driven spirit and desire to help others.
RobinRobin – Administrative Program Assistant

Robin, a graduate of the Assets for Success Program, wears two hats as our receptionist and administrative assistant. She is DECSA's point of entry, who connects clients with their case managers, answers phones, manages the sign-in sheet, and generally keeps things running smoothly. She's also responsible for monitoring and ordering supplies, sorting mail, assisting with resume-writing, and helping clients use Community Hub equipment. In addition Robin provides support to other staff members, which she finds rewarding. She relishes the company of her fellow colleagues and assisting the clients in their job search.