The Team

Deborah – Chief Executive Officer

Deborah oversees the agency and believes in a high standard of ethics in the work environment, challenging employees and clients to reach their full potential. Deborah is an advocate for individuals with barriers, disabilities and those who have lost their voice. Deborah is experienced in developing community connections and partnerships with governments, stakeholders, service providers, educational institutions and Indigenous communities.
Gina – Chief Administrative Officer

Gina leads the financial department, and oversees administration, practicum students and volunteers. She is the go-to person at DECSA and helps keep things running smoothly. She loves the challenges of her position and enjoys DECSA’s dynamic team.
Joe – Department Manager Quality Control

Joe celebrated his 20th year with DECSA in July of 2014. As a longstanding employee, Joe demonstrates hard work, commitment and dedication to our clients and programs. Joe ensures all programs are accountable and his responsibilities include monthly stats and invoicing for programming, as well as accounts payable and payroll.
JenJennifer – Assets for Success Program Manager

Jennifer leads her team and participants to succeed. Her knack for connecting candidates with employers makes her an employment matchmaker. Her favourite part of working at DECSA is watching teams evolve and develop. Jennifer plays an active role in the success of her clients while building and maintaining strong relationships with employers. She brings a sense of confidence and stability to the agency and represents herself well within the community.
KathyKathy – Transitions Program Manager

Kathy is committed to community service, and came on board to fulfill that commitment. To her, working at DECSA is exceptional because the organization is so much more than an employment agency. Kathy supervises a multi-faceted program that assists men, women and transgender individuals exiting the sex trade. Her favourite part of her job is contributing to the success of the program.
Sherree – Ventures Program Manager

Sherree oversees the business development program for entrepreneurs with disabilities. Having created a variety of small businesses throughout her life, she demonstrates cutting-edge methods to help clients and partners develop necessary skills. She often works one-on-one with the budding entrepreneurs and enjoys watching their progress.
Aimee – Ventures Program Assistant

Aimee plays several roles in her duties at DECSA. She divides her time between community involvement and in-house duties for the Ventures program. She is often out in the community, attending inter-agency meetings & business mixers, spreading the good word about DECSA to community partners, financiers, and potential clients. She devotes the rest of her time to developing course materials, facilitating workshops, and providing business development advice to clients.
aliciaAlicia – Program Assistant (Practicum Student)

Alicia studies social work at MacEwan University. She was drawn to DECSA because of our variety of programs, and joined the team to gain practical experience. She works with both the Transitions and Assets for Success programs by assisting them in their day to day duties, which include (but are not limited to: intake and assessments, case management and facilitation as well as administrative duties.
AndreaAndrea – Transitions Case Manager

Andrea is a full-circle DECSA champion, and since graduating from Transitions, she has completed two business diplomas and pursued her dream to give back to the very community that helped her. Andrea now helps other individuals break the cycle of sexual exploitation, providing empathetic support for our clients.
BobBob – Assets for Success Case Manager / Job Developer

Bob brings with him a background in social work and various technical skills to help support clients and make a difference in the community. He supports clients with disabilities as they overcome barriers to employment. Bob provides individual counselling and leads workshops on topics such as interview skills, problem-solving, career planning, and communication skills. When not in the classroom teaching, Bob can be found in the community connecting his clients to potential employers. Bob feels successful when his clients reach their milestones.
Cassie – Ventures Graphic Designer

Cassie is a graduate of MacEwan University in Graphic Design and Reeves College in Administration. She uses her skills and abilities in our Ventures department by assisting in the development and design of our marketing material.
Courtney – Employment Resource Coordinator in the Community Hub and Assets for Success Case Manager

Courtney came to DECSA because we "help on all levels." She's an Employment Coordinator who takes on many roles: she assists clients with resume and cover letter writing; she acts as a liaison between employers and DECSA's program managers; she compiles data on post-secondary programs and enrollment; she provides us with up-to-date information on career fairs, market trends, and career planning; and she connects employers with clients. She also works as a case manager for the Assets for Success program. Courtney's favourite part of the job is watching clients who have no direction or idea what they want to do walk out of our doors with concrete plans and a real chance at success.
Emmanuel – Graphic Designer

Emmanuel is a vital part of DECSA's Community Relations team. He came to DECSA as a practicum student, and after graduating, he volunteered until we hired him! Emmanuel’s chief responsibility is creating digital art to help his fellow staff members promote our programs and services and increase community involvement. He's a creative visionary that knows how to bring our marketing to life. Emmanuel is glad to know that his art will add to and enhance DECSA’s efforts.
evaEva – In-house Psychologist

Eva has come on board to provide an in-house counselling service for Transitions participants. Eva assists program staff on a deeper level by being available for participants when in need. Programming can get heavy at times and have an affect on the mental health and stability of our clientele and Eva is on board to minimize this impact.
Funmilola Funmilola - Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant to our CEO, Deborah, Lola stays on top of what’s going on at DECSA. She helps our leadership team plan ahead by researching grants and drafting proposals. Her friendly persona and outstanding organizational skills make her a valued member of the DECSA team.
JasonJason – Facilitator

Jason is a compassionate member of the Transitions staff, sharing his Aboriginal culture and teachings with our participants. As a lead facilitator, he is experienced at guiding clients through the healing process by offering support and workshops. He has seen dozens of individuals complete the Transitions program and strives to see that number increase.
LateshaLatesha – Financial Assistant

Latesha provides support for our finance department. DECSA benefits from her strong financial background and enthusiasm for the nonprofit world. Her charisma makes her a delight in the office. We’re very fortunate to have her on board!
LindaLinda - Transitions Case Manager / Facilitator

Linda's roles and responsibilities include (but are not limited to): connecting program participants to potential employers, facilitating life skills and career building tools to program participants, and providing additional one to one support when needed. DECSA suits her honesty-driven spirit and desire to help others.
MaryMary – Time for Change Employment Coordinator

Mary was drawn to DECSA because of our programs and their benefit to the community at large. Mary works as the Employment Coordinator for the Time for Change program, and her main role involves coordinating and establishing employer relations and creating WIN-WIN opportunities for both clients and employers. Her favourite part of the job is talking about inclusive hiring practices with employers.
MeaganMeagan – Communications Specialist

Meagan is a Professional Communications graduate with a passion for editing and an even stronger passion for good causes. From the moment she walked through the door, she knew DECSA was where she belonged. She works in the Community Relations department, where she helps maintain social media platforms, assists with website design, writes blog posts, and develops copy for marketing materials. Her favourite part of the job is working with our kind, dedicated staff. Knowing that her contributions help the DECSA team accomplish their important goals is a close second.
Patti – Transitions Case Manager / Facilitator

Patti is a graduate of the Transitions program, and found success and motivation and pursued further education as a social worker. This has led her to join the staff as a Case Manager and Facilitator for the very program from which she had graduated. She compassionately supports clients as they attend their 20-week program. Additionally, she oversees the Survival Squad evening support group. Patti enjoys working at DECSA because she loves collaborating with staff and program participants to effect real change in the community.
RobinRobin – Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Robin, a graduate of the Assets for Success Program, wears two hats as our receptionist and administrative assistant. She is DECSA's point of entry, who connects clients with their case managers, answers phones, manages the sign-in sheet, and generally keeps things running smoothly. She's also responsible for monitoring and ordering supplies, sorting mail, assisting with resume-writing, and helping clients use Community Hub equipment. In addition Robin provides support to other staff members, which she finds rewarding. She relishes the company of her fellow colleagues and assisting the clients in their job search.
Shirley – Community Hub Assistant

Shirley has been with DECSA since 1993. She will tell you that the highlight of her day is connecting with staff and clients and helping maintain the Community Hub. She keeps office supplies stocked and does all our shredding. Her positive energy makes her a delight in our office!
img_3992Tanya – Transitions Case Manager

Tanya is a great asset to the Transitions team. Her aptitudes for optimism and compassion make her a great fit for our staff and a strong support for our clients. Tanya plays a key role in our participants' journey. She works one-on-one with program participants to provide support and connect them to community resources.
Teresa – Transitions Case Manager

When Teresa found the Transitions Program, it helped her find a new direction. When a position opened up at DECSA, she came full circle and joined us once again, this time as a staff member. Teresa specializes in preparing clients for the core program. This means assisting clients with the basics: housing, detox, funding, and treatment. Her favourite parts of the job include watching clients succeed, and soaking up DECSA’s productive, healthy environment.
TerezTerez – Time for Change Employment Coordinator

Terez felt welcome at DECSA as soon as she walked in our doors. Her interest was piqued by the Transitions program and its benefit to sexually exploited individuals. As a Time for Change Employment Coodinator, she mainly acts as a liaison with employers and connects clients to the market. Her favourite part of her job is helping clients overcome barriers to employment. She especially enjoys debunking myths about hiring individuals with disabilities.