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DECSA assists people to develop skills for obtaining employment. Opportunities are presented in workshops, the computer lab, job shadows, work experience and workplace training to hone existing skills, or to build new ones. Working together, DECSA employees and clients examine transferable skills and how they can help a client gain employment. Skills give people the ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice.

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Preparation for employment sometimes requires upgrading education, short-term exposure courses, or learning a new trade. DECSA offers resources, funding and connections to education and training facilities in Edmonton and across Alberta.

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Employment solves many issues for people facing poverty, isolation, mental health conditions and multiple barriers. DECSA recognizes these challenges and works with individuals to help them gain meaningful employment to improve their quality of life. DECSA partners with employers who are looking to hire our clients.

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Our Programs


Grow your business

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Because you are WORTH more than they can pay

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Getting from here to there

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Our Success

About us


DECSA envisions a diverse society where all people are valued, respected and have the opportunity to work to reach full potential.


DECSA works collaboratively to overcome barriers to employment in a changing world.


Our goal is to bring positive change to our community by helping people with barriers. Everything we do is fuelled by the belief that, through acceptance and empowerment, all individuals can reach full potential.